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We Aim 
To Place The Displaced Innocent people

We've already made a huge difference by helping many asylum seekers and refugees

Vission and Mission

We have designed a learning experience to raise awareness of the situation of millions of individuals worldwide who have been forced to escape their homes.

In many places of the world, people look down on refugees and they do not get treated equally as they should be. This greatly affects children and adults with their self-confidence and mental health. 


We want the refugees to be treated equally with dignity and respect and we aim to provide them with all the support and guidance to live life safely and comfortably. We aim to promote the welfare of the refugees, especially children, and women to keep them safe and well.

The Hard Truth


People were forced from their homes in 2021 as a result of conflict, persecution, or violence


Of the asylum seekers suffer without sufficient and proper basic needs


Women have received our support

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